Welcome to this blog dedicated to eMarketing for lobbying!

eMarketingServices.eu | February 6th, 2010 - 11 h 02 min

Welcome to this blog of our eMarketing agency dedicated to lobbying in Brussels (Belgium). The objective of this blog is to explain and promote eMarketing in field of European public affairs.

Indeed, we firmly believe that the fragmented nature of EU institutional structure provides multiple channels through which organized interests may seek to influence policy-making. The Internet definitely becomes one of this channel in the context of the development of the information society and of the knowledge economy.

Being an eMarketing consultant based in Brussels, I will provide insights and advices on eMarketing in this specific field with the objective of helping these critical actors of Brussels’ life and night life to prosper online!

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I will gladly answer all your questions as a Brussels-based eMarketing professional.